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New Energy Vehicles Expo Asia 2019 (NEV EXPO ASIA 2019)
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    Exhibition Area .SQ.M

  • 60000+

    Professional Visitors

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    Countries Participants from

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    Forum | Symposia

Exhibition Layout

Exhibition Categories :

New Energy Vehicles Exhibition Area EV,HEV,FEC including 

Passenger Car


Commerical Vehicle

Logistics Vehicle

Sanitation Vehicles

Special Vehicle

New Energy Vehicle Parts Exhibition Area

Motros ,Drivetrains and Major Components

EV Cell,FEV Cell,Methanol Fuel Cell

Ethanol Fuel Cell

Biofuel Cell

Electric Vehicle Charging Pile / Supply Equipments ,Hydrogenation Station

Intelligent Driving System ,Internet+

New Material as Aluminum Vehicle Body , Carbon Vehicle Body

Vehicl CAE and Manufacture Engineering

New Energy Exhibiton Area

Solar/PV system

Power Battery System

Charging and Smart Grid System

Download Center

The Integration of Four Networks

Transportation ,Energy ,Information and Humanity

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